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The Business - RTE Radio 1 - 22nd June 2008

Interview with John Murray

Ciara Traynor is a web designer who, together with developer, Anthony Kauffmann has set up takeaway.ie, a website that allows users to order takeaway food from a wide range of outlets across Ireland. The site launched in April of this year and Ciara takes us through some of the challenges facing a start up in a crowded e-commerce environment.
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Business & Finance - Ones To Watch - 20th June 2008

Takeaway.ie's massive menu

What is it?
Takeaway.ie is an online food ordering website that connects consumers to a network of restaurants and food outlets nationwide. From a catered party to a gourmet pizza, it's a one-stop shop for ordering food online. Consumers use the site for free and have access to a wide range of food outlets; including Insomnia, Bombay Pantry and Four Star Pizza. Food outlets are set up on the website free of charge and only pay a transaction fee on completed orders.

Who's behind it?
Ciara Traynor and Anthony Kauffmann have spotted a niche in the Irish food market; connecting modern technology with an increasingly cosmopolitan consumer base. As web developers they know what works on the Internet and it was through their work that they came up with the enterprising idea.

Financial situation?
The company was established through personal finance from its directors and founders. The plan is to reinvest profits back into the company to expand and grow the business in the short to medium term future. Outside investment may be sought for long-term expansion outside of Ireland at a later date.

Future plans?
Launched seven weeks ago, Takeaway.ie aims to have listings from more than 300 outlets nationwide by the end of the year. The duo plan to launch the mobile version of the service in the coming year - Takeaway.mobi This mobile web service will enable users to access local food outlets from their mobile device at anytime, from anywhere. 1.3 billion users worldwide will have access to the Internet via their mobile phone. "In real terms that means that you could be sitting on the train to work and ordering from your mobile 'on the go' while avoiding the queues" says Traynor "That is the reality of how quickly this market is evolving."

The Irish Times - Innovation Magazine - June 2008

Hunger Pangs Of Inspiration- www.takeaway.ie
By Ciaran Brennan

Working late one night web developers Ciara Traynor and Anthony Kauffmann found themselves struck by a bad case of the munchies. The only problem at the time was what to eat and where to get it?

"Of course could we find a leaflet? Anthony wanted pizza and I fancied an Indian, so we got to thinking, why isn't there one site where all this is available?" explains Traynor.

That was the spark that led them setting up a new online food venture.

Spotting a niche in the Irish food market - connecting modern technology with an increasingly cosmopolitan consumer base - they established takeaway.ie

The idea is simple; one website, multiple outlets and quick simple online ordering directly to your favourite restaurant.

"The idea is that we are a one stop shop for ordering food nationally," says Traynor. "Already our Dublin range of restaurants is growing and we are also delighted to have outlets in Galway, Mayo and Limerick."

First came the idea for Takeaway.ie, then came the technology.

"We came up with a direct online ordering system that is user friendly for the consumer and extremely efficient for the restaurant on the receiving end."

"The Irish consumer is very sophisticated and Irish food outlets recognise that. People want choice and they want quick access to it with no fuss."

The site currently hosts multiple food outlets; Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai and office catering.

It is already in partnership with a broad selection of food outlets including premium brands like Insomnia, Bombay Pantry and Bistro Bianconi.

There is no set up charge to restaurants and it's free for website users. Takeaway.ie's business model will see it take a percentage of each sale generated through the site.

The Irish Times - 31 May 2008

Bite Size - Web Watch - www.takeaway.ie
By Marie-Claire Digby

Mislaid the menu from your favourite takeaway again? This website has a list of places that deliver. You can read menus, make your choice, place your order and sit back and wait. How easy is that? Ciara Traynor and Anthony Kauffmann's food delivery website is the best we've seen of its kind, and although they are only getting started, they aim to have listings from takeaways countrywide.

The Sunday Business Post - 25 May 2008

Hungry for online success
By Nicola Cooke

Late night tummy rumbles and a lack of online options provided the inspiration for a new business, www.takeaway.ie.

Web designers Ciara Traynor and her Canadian business partner, Anthony Kauffmann, have set up the site for ordering food online, describing it as a one-stop shop for hungry diners.

Users can log on and select their area and preferred cuisine, and have it delivered without printed takeaway menus, or paying for a call to order food.

The firm makes its money by charging businesses a percentage of the order. "We were working late one night on a project and were starving," Traynor said. "Anthony wanted pizza and I fancied Indian, so we got thinking, 'why isn't there one site where all this is available?' "

The pair took up the challenge themselves and spent almost two years developing an online ordering system that is efficient for customers and restaurants. Once an order is placed, it is confirmed by e-mail or fax by the restaurant, and the estimated time of delivery and total price is forwarded to the customer's e-mail address or mobile phone.

Launched last month, the site offers online ordering from 15 businesses - including Insomnia and Bombay Pantry - and hopes to increase this to 300 by the end of the year.

"There are 2,600 restaurants in Ireland which do takeaway - we are aiming to get a percentage of them," said Traynor, who works mostly out of the office, speaking to prospective clients.

The site also caters for office workers who want to order lunch and platters, or people who want food for events in their homes or other venues.

Traynor and Kauffmann are also working on online pre-orders for busy periods in cafes where customers can order food and collect it when it is ready.

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